Join The PAC


Join The PAC

Contribute your dollars to support our ongoing educational efforts focused on re-establishing Architects as the go-to voice of the entire design and construction industry in Pennsylvania.


WHY Should I Donate to the PA Architects PAC?

Decisions affecting our profession will be made whether we are part of the conversation or not. It is critical we have a seat at the table to represent our membership, issues, and concerns.

Make YOUR bark Heard

The PA Architects PAC enables architects to approach vital public policy matters through a well-organized, well-informed, and united front. Through the PA Architects PAC, our members multiply their individual political effectiveness and increase the presence of your profession to ensure the PA legislature hears what YOU have to say.


When we join together, our effectiveness and influence increases. The PA Architects PAC allows AIA PA and its members to support candidates who understand and share architects’ concerns. With a strong PA Architects PAC the profession is given a loud, collective bark.

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Subscribe to YOUR PROFESSION! 

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